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CAPPADOX or Our Wonderland

CAPPADOX or Our Wonderland

Cappadox Festival 

Cappadox happens since May 2015. The third fest will take place in this year in May again. In between 18th – 21st of May in Cappadocia, in the middle part of Turkey- Nevşehir city. The year that I participated in Cappadox was the last year which was amazing moment. The experiences that we got with my friends from my university, was a group holiday and one of the best time that we spent. Therefore, these are the reasons why you should go a Cappadox festival.

Cappadox is one of the most popular festival in Turkey despite it is young. There are too many options in the festival. You can buy a package or you can choose individual events which I preferred. It depends completely your taste.

The festival to be held in the same places as last year. Few different places for the concerts like farm house, jazz bar, some valleys and my favorite: Fairy Poets Valley. There will be workshops, contemporary art events, gourmet and tasting event,   walking or ride trips, yoga, morning concerts in the valleys etc.

What Happened in Last Year?

I started to visit one of the main point of the festival; Uçhisar and the castle. If you participate in the festival or you just want to visit Cappadocia you should see the view from Uçhisar castle’s top.

I visited workshops and selling points for handcrafts and event tickets. There are information desks around too. Main shuttles for the events move from here and also Göreme.

There was a contemporary exhibition series which includes other months after the festival in Kızılçukur Valley: Let us cultivate our garden. Some of my friends rent bicycles and visit Zemi valley for tour. You can also join ride tour of the festival with tickets or you can draw your own route to ride but make sure that you know where you’re going.

Other Districts and Festival

You will be mainly in Göreme or Uçhisar in most of the time (best options to participate well in festival and to return from the late concerts). However, you can visit other districts during the festival.

First day, after visiting the exhibition I went to Ürgüp, climbed the top of the rocks and saw some small rock houses/caves for also birds. The, you definitely should go to winery in Ürgüp. Turasan is the most popular and famous one but there is also vines of Kocabağ. Both are really good, but my favorite is the cabernet sauvignon of Turasan red wines which is awarded and the red series of “Seneler” of Turasan factory. You can also order from your house. After or before Ürgüp, on the way, you can visit Üç Güzeller; three beautiful fairy chimneys.

After that we spend our time on the top of the Aydınkırağı for the night with our wines to watch the great view of Göreme, Cappadocia. We did not get any ticket for the first night but you should get any concerts that you interest, especially if they are in farming house or in the valleys.

The view of Göreme from top of Aydınkırağı


You need to wake up around five am. To catch the view of the balloons from the valleys. Therefore, we joined the Adam Hurst’s concert in the Red Valley around 6 a.m. and watched the great ceremony of balloons. I suggest that you should take your breakfast with you for the valley and also water.

We went back to the hostel for the real breakfast after the concert but with a long way. We walked in Güvercinlik Valley until arrive to Uçhisar. Every valley and every street can present another great view or a creative place to eat and drink.

Red Valley

Walking in Festival

In the same day, I also visit some other valleys (yes, a lot in Cappadocia). Rose Valley for a walk trip, is my favorite. It was like endless and has the perfect environment. You can also take the long way and reach the Red Valley or Meskendir Valley too from Rose valley. However, always be careful around corners or ending points because the rocks are the remains of volcanic tuffs. Therefore, they are not exactly secure.

Then, I visited Paşabağları fairy chimneys and Çavuşin rock church. The church is just next to the Rose Valley and you can take a small public bus to go Paşabağları. Paşabağları has the newest fairy chimneys in the region so you can also see the process of a fairy chimney. When I was visiting around there were afternoon concerts, handcraft workshops, ride tours and taste events in the festival, so it is up to you to decide what you want to do. You can also see Göreme open air museum and Tokalı church. I really impressed by church but some friend did not want to see the museum, there are churches, cave rooms etc. like other places, but it is like a complex structure.


If you are interested in hand crafts or local arts, pottery, knitting works, fabric babies and jewelery are famous in the region. Still the most important one is pottery which I interested in. Therefore, I went to Avanos before we leave Cappadocia. I watched how they are doing and also tried to make a pot.

Night in Fairy Poets Valley

We listened Eric Truffaz Quartet and İlhan Erşahin (famous jazz musician in Turkey) vs. Ocean Orientalist. The atmosphere, valley and music were amazing and like a fairy tale or wonderland. You can buy your drinks inside and also can listen other djs in the back scene parties, after or before concerts.

You may choose which concert you want to be in but you cannot miss the last night party. This year the musicians are certain but last year names were surprised and it was a half good half was not bad surprise for us. İlhan Erşahin, Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Eric Truffaz Quartet, Esmerine, Ocean Orientalist and too many musicians were there and played together. We were young and together!

Fairy Poets Valley


Wine is the first thing that you should try. For food, you will see people call “gözleme” as pancake and they make sweet gözleme too. However, originally gözleme is filled with different types of cheese, ham, potato, meat and spinach in general. Every region has own style of gözleme. In Cappadocia, they make semilunar shape and bigger gözleme. You can try in many places but my favorites are Göreme Restaurant for soup and gözleme, Organic Cave Restaurant for “testi kebabı” (traditional meat kebab in a pot). For coffee or tea you can try Kafedokya.


For Cappadox, you can use shuttles of the festival for the events or if you like to go somewhere outside of the program you can use public minibuses or hijacking is also safe in the daytime but you may also do I the night. Generally public transportation end up early hours of night and the bus hours’ schedule is rare.

When you visit Cappadocia in Cappadox time or in another time, you can use two airports. One is Nevşehir airport and the other is Kayseri airport. Kayseri is actually another city but from airport to Göreme it is around just one hour and from Nevşehir airport to the center or Göreme, it is around 40 minutes. Besides, you can also use busses between cities also, time depends which city you are coming from.

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