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GARİPÇE,RUMELİ FENERİ&RUMELİ KAVAĞI are the parts of European continent of İstanbul. The district is called as Sarıyer and these places too near to each other but far from the centers. However, we cannot call just a place as a center of the city when we mention about İstanbul.


One of the windows of the castle

One of the points that you can see both Black sea and Bosphorus (Marmara sea) together. This is a small village with an old castle and a watch tower. Unfortunately, the castle and the tower are uncared. It is necessary to make a well restoration for both. These structures survive from Genoveses to Ottoman and later. 

In Garipçe, you can walk around sea side by seeing a great view. Most of the people also suggest to go for a breakfast. They have many options in breakfast but I do not suggest because the money that you pay for it, especially at the weekend, is not worth it. There are much much better options. However, you can buy various of home made jam from the villagers. Besides, a few places in the village make great grilled or fried fish (places without alcohol).  If you want to buy something else than food, there are also people who sell bohemian jewellery.

You can also swim in the village but I recommend the part of between Rumelian Lighthouse (Rumeli Feneri) and Garipçe. This part is cleaner and more peaceful.

Rumeli Feneri (Rumelıan Lighthouse)

The fishermen port

Before visit the lighthouse and the castle in the district, you can walk aroun the streets to discover locals and nice buildings. Also, there is a local place where is named “Menekşe Bahçesi” (Garden of Violet) for breakfast with a marvelous sea view. You will see the port of fishermen too.

After that, you can enter the lighthouse but only in the first floor. The entrance floor includes a kind of tomb to honor of Sarı Saltuk who tried to spread the İslam with Hacı Bektaş Veli (for the story of them you can take an idea from these articles). Still, some fishermen pray for him before they sail. The construction date of the lighthouse is around 1700s. The lighthouse constructed to control French and British ships when they pass Bosphorus and Black sea in Crimean war. The point is also the first place as a meeting point of Black and Marmara seas.

The Castle

Castle of the lighthouse stand up more than the castle in Garipçe from outside. However, inside part is destructed and uncared again. Even so, it has a great view by standing just next to the sea. It was builded by a Rum architect (People called them as Greek people in Turkish citizenship or opposite; yes, they are related with both nations but they are not exactly Turkish of Greek. They are Rum (I do not care about nationalities but this is how they define themselves in general)) in 18 c. It was used for artillery and to observe French and British soldiers during the Crimean war. 


We walked from ferry quay of Sarıyer center to Rumeli kavağa in 30 minutes. You can also use public transport like buses or minibuses. It was very hot but the view is worth it and also there are some points that you can swim on the way. Besides,  There are Greek style houses, green areas, locals, old apartments and mansions etc. to see. If you have a time, you should visit some streets when you like the look of them. When you walk or take bus, you will see Telli Baba station on the way, I recommend breakfast in there. 

After you arrive Rumeli Kavağı, you will recognize that it is very small place but there are two beach (Altınkum and Elmaskum) to swim and beatiful streets to walk. Entrance fee for the beaches is 15 Tl. Around the square, you can try the restaurants for fish and  sit in the park or restaurants just next to the sea to drink or eat something. It is like a summer place for holiday. I do not suggest yo go there with your own car. It will be a mess when you try to find a car park place.


For Rumeli Feneri and Garipçe, you can take bus 150 from Hacıosman or minibuses from Sarıyer center. If you will not walk from the Sarıyer center to Rumeli Kavağı, you can take bus 25A or minibuses.

You will see that if you walk to Rumeli kavağı
People make kippering in the district

If you have any comments or questions about İstanbul or this part of İstanbul’s series you may leave your opinion under the article. You can also reach the other articles about İstanbul or Turkey in English via this  link.


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