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Kaman is the part of middle of Turkey in Kırşehir city. Kalehöyük excavation continues since 1980s. Japanese Institute of Archaeology (JIAA) was founded in Kaman with museum and JAPANESE GARDEN.


The Institute was founded in 1998 with the contributions of Japanese prince Takahito Mikasa. Library, laboratories, storages, office rooms are in the institute building. Dining hall and dormitories are separate. In October 1979, the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan (MECCJ) was built in Mitaka, Tokyo, as an institute for the study of the Middle East, based on the idea of Prince Takahito Mikasa.

Left is in the shape of höyük : The museum and the other buildings are constructions of institute

The Excavatıon

North remembers! The wall is always there!

The excavation still continues since 1985 and it will continue may be more than 30 years 🙂 There are still a lot of work to do in the field and institute to research. Now, there are two trenches (north and south). Last year, when I participated in, we have been working on Old Bronze Age layer in north and they have been working on Hittites in south.


The museum supported by Japanese government. 1.500 meters square field includes museum, laboratories, library, excavation house and dining hall.  It is well designed and chronologized. Lighting system, labels, explanation tables etc. were considered.  There is also a moveable model of the excavation area which shows layers of the field by lights.  You can see the artifact from Old Bronze Age to Hellen period. 

Museum itself is also designed by looking of excavation area (höyük). It has The Best Green Museum award from 2010. For the price, the museum has to get sustainable energy, care the environment and recycle etc. It also was awarded with The Museum of the Year in 2012 in Europe. 

You can follow from the website of museum; workshops for children and other museum events in summer.



This is the biggest Japanes Garden at outside of Japan. It is free to visit and the museum just next to the garden. The garden with its cherry blossom and flowers, is wonderful especially in between April- May. There is a small lake with a variety of fish, a large green gardening, banquets and arbour to rest and some art pieces of Japanese tradition.

The price of the museum is cheap and if you have museum card, it is free.


You can go to Ankara by airplane and then take a bus to Kaman. After that you can take minibus to go to museum or with taxi. Besides, you can directly take bus from İstanbul or Ankara to Kaman again. Additionally, buses also come to center of Kırşehir then you can take minibus or shuttles to the museum.

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